Wine Glass

Wine Glass

Wine Glass

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🍷 Isn't This The Most 2020 Wine Glass Ever? 🍷

Drinking wine, beer, soda or your favorite beverage straight from the bottle tends to look quite unsophisticated... Plus you'll be missing out on the flavor and aroma enhancing that aeration provides. Our NEW Kionce™ Essential Wine Glass turns any wine, beer, soda, or champagne bottle into an extra large glass.

Get one for you, your friends, your neighbors, your family. Pretty much we all need this thing RIGHT NOW...Agreed? 

Stop wasting valuable drinking seconds by having to pour your wine into a traditional glass and get it instead STRAIGHT FROM THE SOURCE! No spills and no mess. Pouring wine is such a chore! Simply screw on the Essential Wine Glass into your favorite bottle. Aerate, pour and drink in one easy step. It makes drinking from the bottle classy...Or just plain fun! Because who wants those "looks of judgment"?

You can also great creative with other drinks & foods with our Kionce™ Essential Wine Glass – The possibilities are endless as glass is. universal


  • Height: 14.3 CM or 5.6 IN
  • Width: 7.5 CM or 2.95 IN

NOTE: THIRD PARTY TESTED AND TRUSTED SAFE – Made from the highest quality BPA and lead free strong borosilicate glass. 100% LFGB certified food grade silicone.


Q. Why Just Not drink Straight From The Bottle Of Beer, Wine or Soda?

A. This is our favorite question! To begin with, drinking from the Wine Bottle Glasses Cork is just plain fun and you won’t believe the attention you get when drinking from it!

Even more importantly, the taste of your beverage cannot be fully appreciated because studies have shown that aroma plays a huge role in the perception of flavor. Researchers suggest that when we taste something, as much as 80 percent can be attributed to the smell. That’s why drinking wine, beer, or soda directly from the bottle is like eating your favorite food when you have a cold. It just plain tastes "BLAH!" When you drink directly from the bottle, it removes the sense of smell and the very first thing you experience is that sharp carbonic burst that slams against your tongue and throat, rushing down into your gut where all that carbon dioxide is released causing the dreaded belly bloat resulting in the trumpeting sound of you belching!

Now imagine plugging the Kionce™ Essential Wine Glass into your favorite wine, beer, soda or beverage...As you tilt back the bottle, the liquid streams down the inside of the glass allowing the carbonated bubbles to burst releasing those wonderful aromas that you inhale. Those aromas mix with the tasty flavors on your tongue giving you the truly amazing flavor that the manufacturer intended for you to experience. 

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