Personalized Photo On Wood

Personalized Photo On Wood

Personalized Photo On Wood

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Get Your Favorite Photo On Wood, A Special Gift For Your Beloved Ones.
5th Anniversary Gift Photo on Wood Picture on Wood Wood Without Stand

This is a handmade item made with love, Customize one for your upcoming anniversary, Birthday, Christmas Gift, Or Any Other Occasion.     5th Anniversary Gift Photo on Wood Picture on Wood Wood image 5

Upload a high-quality digital photo by simply clicking the "Upload a Photo" option

• The better quality of the photo, the better the results will be on the wood.
• A 300 dpi photo taken in good lighting will give you the best possible print results.
• Lower quality photos can be used, but please know that the quality will be the same on the wood.
• Extremely dark, blurry, grainy, or low-quality photos do not typically transfer well.
• We ask that you DO NOT add any text to your photo, due to cropping reasons.

Type of Wood:

We only use the highest quality steamed beech timber as the wood for your engravings. This ensures that the results are spectacular. We also make sure that we use only your high-quality image so that the results for the engravings are superb.

Details :

• Because this is wood from a real tree, pieces may have knots that we try to place in the best spots possible for the photo provided.
• Each piece of wood will vary in wood grain, making each one completely unique.
• Measuring anywhere from 9" to 12" in width or height, depending on the direction of your photo.
• Photos will be cropped around the corners/edges, as this is the only way to fit a rectangular photo onto an oval piece of wood. All important aspects of the photo should not be located along the very edges of the picture.
• Horizontal photos will be placed horizontally on the wood & vertical photos will be placed vertically unless otherwise requested.
• White ink is not printed on the wood. This allows the natural grain of the wood to show through the photo. Colors of the photo on the wood may vary, as these are printed onto natural wood and not bright white paper.
• A clear protective coating is applied over your wood photo to help protect against stains, water, and scratching.


  Package Contains: 1 Personalized Wooden 

  • Materials: ink, wood
  • Craft: Engraving, Framing, Photography, Printing & printmaking, Woodworking & carpentry
  • Made to Last
  • Please keep in mind that because this is real wood, there may be some natural knots/marks on the piece. These may be more noticeable on the back of the wood than on the front, as there is no photo to cover them.

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