DualSided Light Saber Sword

DualSided Light Saber Sword

DualSided Light Saber Sword

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The Ultimate Dual Light Saber ‚öĒÔłŹ

May The Force Accompany You

Looking for the coolest Dual sided light saber? Our Light saber has sound and light FX giving you the best star wars experience 

Each Single Dual Lightsaber has a super bright blade that can light up an entire room and has a silver hilt, about 26" long which s great for kids and when connected together it turns into a 52 inch dual light saber

The Perfect Gift This Holiday ūüéĄ

The best part about this double bladed lightsaber sword is the FX, it turns on sound FX when it turns on or strikes something or another light saber it also changes color. Making a sword battle between two people even more fun!

  • Two¬†Lightsabers¬†Connect¬†into¬†one¬†larger Sword¬†
  • Comes with¬†lightsaber sounds¬†and¬†light FX
  • 6 Different¬†Light¬†Modes
  • Impact¬†Chip¬†Allows¬†Saber¬†Sounds¬†And¬†Color¬†Change When Struck
  • The lightsaber blade is made from durable polycarbonate plastic,
  • so it can be used for light dueling and playing
  • Perfect lightsaber for kids and adults

Easily change between 6 colors Polycarbonate saber blades 

52" Duel-Ready Design, cannot be broken by human force

Even light distribution through the blade Flash-on-Clash Blaster Deflection Simulation


Package Includes:

- 2 Lightsaber Swords 

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